About Us (Best Hotel Near AIIMS Bhubaneswar - AIIMS Nagar Homestay)

Hotel Near AIIMS Bhubaneswar- AIIMS Nagar Homestay.
Reliable Accommodation with Regular Quality Checks and Employee Audits For Better Experience Of Our Guests.

Retaining guests through qualitative services and best stay experience is our motto
Since 2015, Our Team Has Succeeded In Understanding The Needs Of Guests And Creating a Reliable Atmosphere To Serve Them All.

We are the first and oldest hotel near AIIMS Bhubaneswar. During our initial years of business, it was very easy for us to get good business, because we didn’t have any competitors. Later there was a big competition on the basis of price, we started losing guests (both new and old). But we did not compromise with our quality. We maintained the same standard and promise. Now we are getting our old guests as well as new guests and their reference to others on the basis of quality.
Every good thing comes with a good price, But we are trying to provide our services at a fair price.
AIIMS Nagar Homestay-Best Hotel Near AIIMS Bhubaneswar

7 Years in Business

20,000+ Guests

70% + Repeat & Reference Guests

Hotel Near AIIMS Bhubaneswar - AIIMS Nagar Homestay

AIIMS Nagar Homestay- Best Hotel Near AIIMS Bhubaneswar.
AIIMS Nagar Homestay is situated in AIIMS Nagar Housing Society. It is in 1.2 Km distance from AIIMS Hospital Bhubaneswar
12Km distance from Bhubaneswar Railway Station and 9 km from Biju Pattanaik International Airport. Baramunda interstate bus terminus is 5 km distance.
The nearest Landmark to Reach our Homestay is Biju Pattanaik State Police Academy. Best Possible ways to reach our homestay: OLA/ Uber Cab, Local Auto, OLA/ Rapido Bike, Mobus(Local Town Bus). From the Railway station every 10-15 minutes frequency, local town buses are available for AIIMS Bhubaneswar Route
People who have to catch Jana Shatabdi Express at 6 AM for Howrah Route can start their journey by 5 AM. Before one day they have to final a vehicle with the help of our Manager or directly you can finalize for confirmed pickup. Early morning it will be difficult to get Cab, Local shared transport.
In case of emergency, we have our own vehicle to reach the casualty of AIIMS Hospital Bhubaneswar.
If guests want to go early morning for the OPD Ticket line, they have to inform the caretaker from the previous day. It will help the caretaker to manage accordingly.

All our rooms are on the ground floor, rooms are elderly-friendly and kids-friendly. The rooms are well ventilated. We have given bed light in every room, which will make our guests comfortable during the night.

All Deluxe category rooms have an orthopaedic mattress which is very comfortable in comparison to other hotels’ spring mattresses.  Spring mattresses are very uncomfortable for elderly persons as well as for infants. As a regular traveller, I often faced inconveniences at different hotels. My kid fell down from bed due to the impact of the spring mattress. That’s the reason we have personally taken the responsibility to place ortho mattresses in every room, if an infant or a kid is staying in the room there will not be any chance that he will fall from the and get injured.

We provide good quality food at an affordable price. One of the major problems in hotels near aiims Bhubaneswar is that either they have in house kitchen or the food part is outsourced to nearby restaurants. In the case of in house kitchens, hotels can’t provide food at a lower cost due to fewer numbers of orders. In the other case if the food part is outsourced no restaurant can provide good quality foods at a lower cost. In our case, we have in house kitchen and our pricing is like local restaurants. For good quality of food, we are getting food orders from guests of other hotels near aiims Bhubaneswar as well as visitors of aiims Bhubaneswar. We assure them without hesitation regarding the quality they can have a full meal at an affordable price.