Cheap hotels in Bhubaneswar

How to get cheap hotels in Bhubaneswar?

Finding Cheap Hotels in Bhubaneswar is not so easy. I have travelled to different places in India. Before starting a trip I also search for cheap hotels in different places. Sometimes I get good hotels at cheap prices but some other times I get actually cheap hotels that don’t maintain the basic standard of hotels. Eventually, I have to book an alternative stay without thinking for a second. In the second case in search of a cheap hotel, I have to lose my time, effort and money.

Finding Cheap Hotels in Bhubaneswar is not so easy.  It might get lighter to the pocket but harder to get a good experience during the stay.  But once you go through my experience blog it will be easier for you to search for a cheaper hotel in Bhubaneswar. While choosing a property you should always prefer to take a good property at a cheaper price, Not a cheap standard hotel at a cheaper price. It might get lighter to your pocket but eventually, it will ruin your stay experience, poor housekeeping will create a big inconvenience.

Most of the cheap hotels don’t use proper disinfectants for cleaning the rooms and toilets. And they don’t change the bedsheet for each check in to reduce the cost. And a regular dusting of the mattress, curtains, doormats, windows, doors is required. If a hotelier and guest houser is not following these practices then the guest who is going to check in will face issues like dust mites in bed which causes disturbed sleep, skin infection due to non-maintenance of the mattress, no bed sheet change, urinary tract infection due to no usage of industry-grade chemicals for cleaning the toilets. After visiting several places and facing these problems repeatedly.

I never prefer to take guest house or hotel at a prime location like bus stand, railway station, airport etc. At these places hotels and guest houses have huge guests flow, most of the budget guesthouses get limited time and motivation to give a room by maintaining hygiene factor, their main motivation is how many times I can provide the same room in a day if they will not clean the room for location definitely somebody will come for their stay.

Cheap Hotels in Bhubaneswar

After going through all these phases of finding a cheap hotel in 2015 I have started AIIMS Nagar Homestay. Which is located near AIIMS Hospital Bhubaneswar and inside a housing society. Our place is away from the crowd. 24X7 commutation facility is available, medicine stores, medical, restaurants, big malls like DN Regalia is nearby. We provide an 8-inch orthopedic mattress for comfortable sleep. Amenities include Housekeeping, Power backup,  Laundry, Geyser, Electric Kettle, hairdryer, toiletries. One promise we are making we are at some distance from Bhubaneswar City Center but we are not compromising with the quality of rooms we are providing.

Our Address:

AIIMS Nagar Homestay, Plot 214, Lane 14, AIIMS Nagar, Patrapada, Bhubaneswar. Pin: 751019

Phone: 9583800660

websites: AIIMS Nagar Homestay


  • Deluxe Rooms: Rs 650 (Non AC for 2 Persons), Extra Persons @ Rs 100

Rs 850 (AC for 2 Persons), Extra Persons @ Rs 125

  • Economy Single: Rs 350 (Non AC)
  • Economy Double: Rs 500 (Non AC for 2 Persons) (One Extra Person can Accommodate @ Rs 100)
  • Standard Rooms: Rs 550 (Non AC for 2 Persons) (One Extra Person can Accommodate @ Rs 100)

Rs 700 (AC for 2 Persons) (One Extra Person can Accommodate @ Rs 125) Foods are available at a nominal price.

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